The Waking Land|| Book Review

The Waking LandThe Waking Land by Callie Bates

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


The weeping land right?

The first chapter of this book was gripping and suspenseful and had you full of questions as the reader.
And then…. then it was like a bramble bush – you as a reader, fighting through the thorns to get to the roses. The good parts. And it shouldn’t be like that.

The main character was….always crying. She tried to be fierce but it just didn’t work for her – and I thought we would have a bigger part to play of the young girl being used as a pawn for each side but that was over extremely quickly. Also insta-love happened. So much insta-love. Like she barely exchanged two words with him on his horse and she was ‘flushing down her neck’
per-lease. I wasn’t happy.
Another disappointment. I was not happy with this book, and it was extremely slow in parts – I just couldn’t keep gooooing. But I persevered and I finished it but I don’t think I have an inclination to read the second one when it comes out -the main character was too darn annoying- and WEEPY!

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