Ready Player One|| Book Review

Ready Player OneReady Player One by Ernest Cline

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ready Player One| Set in a time to come but surrounded by 1980s film quotes, memorobilia, games, consoles and nostalgia we follow Wade, a guy who lives up in the stacks with his aunt (not that he likes her.) It seems pretty drab here, poverty around every corner, living in stacked caravans but there is one thing to make it bearable. The Oasis. The Oasis was created by James Halliday – a virtual world where you cerated your own avatar, went to work, school, fought dragons, flew spaceships and earned points. When Halliday died he left his entire mulit-billion fortune to one lucky person. That is after they find it hidden somewhere in the entire Oasis. There are three keys and three gates to get closer to this Easter Egg, and everyone fights hard to find it. Little did they know that the first key is found by none other than our Wade in the stacks, and then it’s just a race against time and against cheats and liars to win everything anyone had ever dreamed of.


When I first turned the page into this book I was a little put off by how small the writing was- there was me thinking that it wouldn’t take long to finish (being a stand-a-lone, and looking relevatively short) PAH. HA. HA. No the writing was small and because of all the exposition at the beginning (which was needed) it was a little slow. BUT THEN, the games began, and after Wade found the Copper Key I was flying through it. I felt the action was really nicely done, and the concept of the big bad corperation wanting to ruin everything – because it’s so damn right real and true.

Characters were real and believable but the book was definitely concept led- which it had to be! Some references went a little over my head as I was a 90’s baby – but still, some of those I was able to get because of old films, or hearing about the 80’s from my Mum.
It’s a must read for gamers, comic readers and just overall fun lovers. It’s a good summer read to, and I am so pleased I have read it after it being on my shelf for the best part of 14 months!
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