American Gods| Ep 2: ‘The Secret of Spoons’|Comparison

And away we go – to Chicago….

This episode reminded us Fuller is not stopping anytime soon on his beautiful and stylistic train. We open to finally meet (one of my favourites of the novel) Mr Nancy. Who reminded me very much of a more aggressive Dr Facilier, from The Princess and The Frog.

Only his suit was much much better.

I really enjoyed the new excerpt they have in the beginning, it gave more to him as the Anansi and his monologue was exceptional.  A great introduction to a golden character. We also touched base with Bilquis again, which was a nice follow through as in the book we just sort of…well leave her for  a good few chapters.

We saw a sneak peak of ‘nightmare’ Laura, and Emily Blunt looks captivating as the cheating-angel-looking wife. But her scene was more a teaser, and we saw her on screen for maybe thirty seconds max. It really does make me look forward to seeing more of her, but I guess we are like Shadow, trying to leave her behind to move our focus to the Gods.

We also get to put faces to the Russian sisters and Czernobog, who was definitely a scruffier looking man than I had thought. Zorja was funny, and I found her witty/sarcastic with Mr Wednesday.

In this episode we follow Shadow adapting to his new found job, and it ends with the all important games of chequers. It’s a slow burner of an episode, but you need time with these characters- to build them, to know them, to fear them.

This post cannot finish without a mention of another introduction of a character. Media. Played so very well by Gillian Anderson. My god, she is such a good actress. The way she poised herself through that whole TV scene with Shadow was amazing – not to mention her outfit.

As I said before in my first post, Fuller’s design in film is beautiful. I could watch what he makes all day. The slow motion scene with Shadow near the beginning, a replay of events from the episode before – was such a shot. The slow-motion sheeted rain with the droplets of blood mixing in from either side was – ughghjfg. The script continues to be funny and emotive, the perfect balance. And of course, the whole thing is trippy as shit.

I look forward for this to carry on, I want to see more of Media, and of course my Mr Nancy.


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