American Gods|Episode One| Comparison

“What day is it?” 


                                                       “Ah yes. Today is my day.”


So here begins my comparison episode by episode of American Gods. The episode is aired every Monday so expect my review to come every Tuesday! This week is slightly later as it just took me long to write up my review, but at least it’s here now.

I was highly anticipating this series for a number of reasons. One, because the book was on my radar for a while, and I made plans to finish it in time before the series aired. And two, because Bryan Fuller (who developed Hannibal – gushgushgush) is also deep in producing American Gods – and you can really see his artistic flair!


Shadow (played by Ricky Whittle) our musing, mysterious hunk is brought to life on our screens. There is a lot more dialogue in him, though as rightly pointed out to me, thoughts are easier conveyed in a book, not so much on screen. I quite preferred him angry and colourful in language- his character stood out amongst the detail.

Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane), works brilliantly with the words from Gaiman, being the creepy but somehow charming and persuasive man.. .hemhem, to the screen. He was amusing to watch, his sparring with Shadow was rapid and sharp. The wit moving fast which successfully keeps the audience on their toes.

We did get introduced to Mad Sweeney as well as the New Gods – New Gods were immense, full of themselves and psychotic.



You can definitely tell Bryan Fuller has his hands in this. Full on. If you’ve ever seen any of his work you will be able to see him in the artistic violence throughout. How the blood moves across the screen, bright and liquid droplets. His detailing is in his work is amazing. The fight scenes are also artistically done, weaving in the themes Gaiman demonstrates through the book as well as portraying them with his own style.


I’ll only mention this part for the first episode, but the music has those drum beats and twangs that we know so well from Brian Reitzell with his work in Hannibal. The synthetic was almost identical – those deep drums really fleshed out the atmosphere.


In the first episode we reach the point in the book where Shadow was taken by the New Gods to make their threat to Mr Wednesday that they are the new and he is the old, and forgotten.

My favourite parts definitely included the meeting of Mr Wednesday at the airport, what a sly bastard that one is. He definitely made me chuckle, and his charisma is definitely caught well on screen.

The bar where Mr Wednesday recruits Shadow, is also a good one- the fight scene alone has some great choreography, bloody and dynamic.

My favourite scene was of course what I said before the meeting of the New Gods, in particular Technical Boy – I felt he was just hypnotising.

Episode One Overview

From the first episode, I feel Fuller has made a promising start. It’s artistic, musically pleasing and the characters are well acted. It feels quality, and I am pleased the season is only due to be 8 episodes to cover a third of the book. Let us hope the quality continues.

I will be back next week with my comparison with episode two, let me know down in the comments what you think to it!

Happy Reading/Watching,

Love, Em x

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