Harry Potter & The Cursed Child| Review and Comparison

Hey guys!

So recently I went to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child at The Palace Theatre in London. I had already read the stage play having queued up for the midnight release July 31st last year.

I went in there with high hopes, and had was already pumped after going into Mina Lima before hand and marvelling at all their props. (I did a picture post this morning if you want to go back and check how it is there!)

Now let’s break it down:

The First Part (2.5 hours long) The Second (2.5 hours long) = 5 hours of painful theatre.

We are put right onto the platform like we are in the book when we say goodbye to Albus on his first year at Hogwarts. Here was where we got a feel for the actors playing those iconic and well loved characters.

Now from the pictures they looked pretty much spot on. Acting…eh. Jamie Parker as Harry was so hammy. He shouted and got angry really quickly, leaving me feeling frustrated as he represented Harry being an absolute bastard. Ginny and Hermione also didn’t feel right in character -it’s not how I read them in the script, it felt over-done by them and misdirected. Ron, Draco and Moaning Myrtle were fantastic, really taking on their characters well and bringing them to life as we know them from the books.

Scorpious was my one issue. He was my favourite addition to the world from the stage-play and I was super eager to see him on stage. But- what happened to his voice? It was screechy and creepy and randomly hysterical. I never read him like that in the script at all – he was more composed and not at all creepy. I felt they were trying to appeal to the boys in the audience and make them seem more immature. They succeeded by making the scenes with him in seem more immature and I was unable to take him seriously. It was a shame, because he was a really good thing to come out of the script.

The trolley lady was bloody creepy. I found that even in the script. And I have no idea why they decided to have her fingers grow so long. It added nothing but was overly creepy, stupid and in my opinion a show off of special effects and what they could do- not to help the plot.

Leading on from that that was my biggest positive of the whole experience. The special effects. Now I’ve seen a range of West End theatre, but what they managed to pull off on that stage was incredible. I loved how they went back in time with the Time Turner – that was really really cool, and I had no complaints going back in time more than once to see it happen.  I loved how they showed the effects of sweets, spells and moving objects. Especially, this bookcase:

If you’ve been to see it, you will know the scene I am referencing. But this was Hermione’s bookcase in her office at the Ministry and uhhjjj the magic they worked here was amazing.

The time length was stupid, it really did not need two parts to it. And I think it was scammy making you pay for two parts and then make you chuck away all your food, even your fruit before you could enter that you had for in between the shows- yet they sold their own food in there, and requested you only ate that during the interval. I’ve never had to chuck food away at a show before and I think that was a really selfish and awful thing to make their customers do- at least at a normal West End show you aren’t there for two parts making up five hours of viewing!!

I digress, all in all I preferred reading the script as I was able to drag through my memories and how I pictured Hogwarts and the characters from my nostalgia. On stage, they ruined the characters, had random dance routines and made the experience too long. I was so thankful for the end! And upon seeing it, the plot was incredibly weak. It felt like fan-fiction on stage. The whole script translated clumsily to the stage. The acting not quite believable  – and they were heavily relying on the special effects which to their credit were amazing.

I know it sounds like I am bashing it, and I guess I am. I wouldn’t go to see it again unless it was free, and it wasn’t worth more than the £15 we paid PER part to go see it. I am so grateful I didn’t pay any more for it, that would have been a huge disappointment if I had.

If you enjoyed it, that’s totally fine! Everyone has a different opinion and I am really open to that. 🙂







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