Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts at Mina Lima!

Tucked away on a little corner near the Palace theatre, is a little peak into a magical world.. a magical world that took the world by storm.

When I went to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child in London (comparison and review to come this evening) I had wanted to pop into Mina Lima and boy was I glad we did.

You walk into a shop which sells prints from the films, merchandise and prop replicas. But the real magic lies above. If you take the narrow staircase to the right of the till and walk up to the first floor this is what you will see staring right back at you.


The sun gleaming through it was breath-taking, and I stared at this for quite some time before moving fully onto the first floor.


Look at this floor! I would love my own flooring in my own house to be like this!




This was the moment I became 11 year old me, awaiting my Hogwarts letter – I had to recreate Harry’s moment in the film, I couldn’t leave them hanging there 😉

There were so many prints of books and newspapers – the detail in these films is incredible!

Here is my favourite picture of all:


(No post on Sunday’s.)

There was also the beautiful door from Fantastic Beasts which I shall leave you with! Thank you for joining me on my tour of Mina Lima, and I hope if you’re ever in London you go and visit this beautiful set up!


Happy Easter, and Happy Reading!

Love, Em x



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