Injustice: Gods Among Us: Yr 1, Vol 2|Review

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One, Vol. 2Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One, Vol. 2 by Tom Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started this series such a long time ago, and the moment never arose again to pick it up. I am so glad tonight was the night I decided to turn the page onto Volume 2.

We pick up exactly where we left off, Batman on one side against Superman, the heroes distributed to each side. We go through this volume, both sides playing their cards with pop ups and scenes with favourite characters- Green Lantern, Canary, Catwoman and Green Arrow etc.
My favourite pop up was from Harley Quinn, she is just fantastic and badass. Even without her puddin’. I can’t say too much about the plot itself being a sequel as I don’t want to spoil anything. But let me tell you it was AMAZING.

Wonder Woman is fierce, and the artwork for her is stunning. As always the artwork for this series is superb and emotion is captured realistically. The shots drawn keep it fast paced, witty and emotional, and I was really really sad in a few points. Damn you writers for hurting me like you did 😦

Pick this series up if you love DC or comics in general. It’s beautiful, epic and full of twists and turns to keep you guessing and turning page after page.
Now onto the Year Two.

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