The Sky’s Eyes| Book Review

The Sky's EyesThe Sky’s Eyes by Brian Macrae

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I want to start by saying thank you to Brian Macrae for sending me his book in exchange for an honest review – and to have it personalised as well was such a lovely touch so thank you for sending me it all the way overseas!

The concept for The Sky’s Eyes surrounds our main protagonist Lukas who unknowingly witnesses something he shouldn’t have and is embroiled in a sinister conspiracy. With that and the mystery of what he has even seen (and captured on his video) sets him on an adventure working with Kim to uncover the mystery and answer the questions on the suspicious happenings surrounding them.

When I first picked up this book it didn’t look that long to read, it was just over 175 pages, with medium print. I didn’t think it would take me as long as it did.
I really really didn’t.
The premise I found interesting and enjoyed learning more about the tech used and the futuristic world-building given to us but some of it was lost in pages and pages of information and scenes that we didn’t need. We had pieces of information thrown at us at the beginning (Antis & Pros) with no real mention of them again throughout the entire book. We also find out Lukas can ‘traffic surf’, with some magnetic gloves that helped him move from car to car. Though this had nothing to do with the plot, we can see it helps Lukas with his character development through the story, and letting us as the audience know he is a bit of a daredevil (which does tie in with the cover). Even though I could see this aided in helping the character clear his head I didn’t need to know of it for nearly 14 pages… I really didn’t. The pace was unbearably slow at times with no direction and clunky sentences.

The narrative voice worked with getting you as the reader in the head of Lukas, but the conversational wasn’t effective- at most points it was stilted, with too many words making it formal and not representative of how young adults would speak especially when some moments the language was colloquial and flowed beautifully at points. And if you think that Lukas is told to us as being a driven individual all about efficiency and speed to get things done quickly with no time for ‘idle chit chat’ then why would he elongate his sentences for no reason?
Also it is jarring when you then have words that don’t even exist ‘dontchanough’ – nough? Nough?! I did stare at that word for a long time I can tell you.

In short the concept was there, but the execution needed tightening to make things clearer and the pace much faster. It would have also been nice to see more of Kim, and more of other characters rather than them just being used for one purpose. And the last chapter felt like those bullet points you get at the end of a film – those ones that tell you the future and how things wrapped up? It would have been nice not to have so many of them as that made you feel slightly rushed through the end and really highlighted all of the loose threads.

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