A Quick Update!

Hey guys!

Sorry for my lack of being on any social medias of late (this blog, instagram or my Youtube) I’ve had an extremely busy two weeks mixed with mother’s day, my birthday and taking some time out for myself, ya know that feeling? So now I am back, refreshed, with loads of exciting news for you all about my upcoming posts!
So I’ve recently been really lucky being able to do some author interviews for some best-selling and incredibly talented authors (which I will be featuring soon!) and also being given the chance to do a signed giveaway for you all- COMING SOON!

This Easter weekend is going to be full of blog posts, editing Youtube videos and just having a chance to read some more content. (And I’ve started a bullet journal – so I’m definitely more organised now ;))

What are you guys up to this weekend? I hope you have a fantastic bank holiday, and really enjoy what ever you do!

See you very soon – back to a more regular posting as normal! 🙂

Happy Reading- as always,

Love, Em x




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