Gaston’s Tale| Book Review

Gaston's TaleGaston’s Tale by Celeste K. Ramirez

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Thanks to Olympia Publishing for sending me this for review!
With Beauty and The Beast gracing our cinemas last month that was the perfect time to read this book….I had really wanted to like it.

I do only honest reviews so deep breath… here goes…

I wasn’t a fan of this- at all. I tried to keep an open mind, I love grey characters and the whole ‘two sides to every story’ ideal. But this book… this book just didn’t hit anything for me.

Because it was an incredibly short book, character development was non-existent and we were taken through the plotline at a blinding speed.
Celeste also liked to put in random details (Such as her mum’s hats covering her bald head etc) We never came back to this or any of these random points and instead of making the reader laugh as I suppose was the intent, it made the writing sloppy and clunky.

I felt the dialogue was cheesy and Le Fou was incredibly creepy – I like the concept of what she was trying to do, I just didn’t like how it came onto the page.

I felt Gaston needed longer to develop and warm to us for us to understand him as a character and see his point of view.

So to summarise- good concept but not executed at all well…

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