The Chrysalids| Book Review

The ChrysalidsThe Chrysalids by John Wyndham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was an unexpected read that happened to find me on the way back from London earlier this week, and I really quite liked it.

I haven’t read a modern classic in a while, and I went into this book completely blind- but sometimes that’s good right?
It’s quite a short book, around 180 pages, and it took me just the train journey back to finish it.
I enjoyed it, I really liked the concept- a dystopian world, with an obsessive and God-fearing religion, surrounding our main individuals who are different, or ‘mutants’ as called in this world.
There wasn’t much character development, in a book as short as this there didn’t need to be, but it was more fuelled by the concept and the prejudice surrounding it.
I felt it was a great reflection on our society through the years, with prejudice against other cultures, people who looked different to other people, colour of skin, sexuality and gender identity.

So even though this book was written mid fifties, it is still incredibly heartfelt and relevant today- and can be applied to any society lived in.

This book also has one of the best opening paragraphs I have ever read- which probably explains why I finished this book in under fifty minutes.

Sometimes going in blind and reading something completely new really pays off.

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