Nevernight| Book Review

Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle, #1)Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pale Daughter. I am in love.

Never Flinch,
Never Fear
Never Forget 

This book was utterly incredible. I knew going into this it was a fantasy. I knew that it was deemed ‘adult’. But holy smokes, it was so so good. Jay didn’t hold back, he didn’t care about language, or sex scenes. He glittered his pages with them, but they all felt right with the story.
Between the pages there was also many instances of violence and gore, but in a school of assassins you would expect so, wouldn’t you?

I thoroughly wish this book had been longer, hgjkdfhgjf every page was an absolute treat. I really enjoyed having the memories, the darkness and the past all in italics, it was a seamless transition in and out of them. Mister Kindly was delightful as her darkness, her companion and her only friend.

Don Tric, holy smokes – again another to go straight to the boyfriend list – giggity. He made my heart leap into my mouth, and if I could dance or spar with him I definitely would lunge myself forward.
The magic system in the book was also really well done, I enjoyed reading how they could manipulate their masks- it felt original.
Our main girl, Mia, was a fierce heroine, I truly believed she was her own self, not cliche, but again orig-in-al. I am starting to see Kristoff has a knack for that. Mia is flawed, oh yes, but beautifully so- she is my Queen Darkin, and so well rounded as a character.

I am going to mention this next part because it pleased me greatly. The sex scenes in this – PHOAR- they were so intense! But again there was so much confidence in Jay’s writing, he wasn’t afraid to write about pubic hair, or oral sex or pleasing both at the same time – and it empowered Mia at the same time!! He wasn’t afraid to put those words onto paper which seem to be unspeakable.

Overall this book was incredibly dark, literally and metaphorically – tragic, bittersweet, so much boldness in his writing I had to drink it all in quick. This is definitely one for the re-readshelf, a superb first in a trilogy – I highly recommended this!
I now will just drum my fingers hurriedly until GodsGrave…

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