Siege and Storm: Book 2 of the Grisha Trilogy| Book Review

Siege and Storm (The Grisha, #2)Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stag, Sea Whip, Firebird.

Eh. I did enjoy this book to a certain extent. I enjoyed being back in the Grisha verse, with Fabricators and all. It was also nice to have reference to Ketterdam, I kept thinking about my six babies over there!
And how I really wished I was with them.
Now do not get me wrong, I like Alina and I love Mal. But Alina in this one… jfghfkjgh she got on my nerves slightly with how back and forth she was. She never stopped thinking about her amplifiers, and how she needed them. But then she was also always looking at Mal’s face and how it made her heart beat faster, or how it made her blush. But it was constant. And nothing changed with their relationship, there were either some smiles, or it was stone cold arguments and frustrated conversations. Now I know it’s a troubled time but it was so repetitive for me 😦
It did make me sad because I really want to like this trilogy, and I do but it feels so much less than SOC did.
I will finish the series with Ruin and Rising, as the end considerably picked up for me. The book itself could have been a lot shorter, it felt like wading through thick sludge and Nikolai got on my nerves!
A bit of Darkling is always good though – not shy of that!

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