Shelf-Joy Review- a book app with a difference!

Hey guys!
So this review isn’t for a specific book but rather a bookish website called Shelf Joy.

    The books you’d rather be reading. 


So for starters you are greeted by your main page, if you scroll down you will see top users and authors with shelves they have created and are recommending to people. You can also sign in with your twitter account so it is super accessible.

I did find navigation a slight issue to begin with, I was thinking… what is the purpose of this…what do I do… but as soon as I started typing in the box what books I was into or a certain aspect I look for such as ‘fantasy’ I was off.

I found a number of shelves and when you click on them and see the list of books, by each book is an emotion about how that book made them feel. So you know the sort of books you are in the mood for. You can also like and share the book on social media sites with buttons at the side for ease of access. I really liked the link to buy button at the bottom as well – it’s helpful for those who need quick access to buy it instantly!!

I love the little logo for them, I think it’s adorable!

I did try making my own shelf and this is the only thing I found had slight problems. Unless it was just me but I found it rather slow in respect to waiting for the site to find the book you want to add. And it didn’t bring up the most popular or go with the spelling – it could bring up completely different books. I added two books but by that point I was a little exasperated with that aspect. I think I will stick with finding book recommendations from it and browsing other people’s shelves.

I did like the footbar that changed to the book you were looking at and the book up next – it was a nice feature to tell you what was next.

My ‘Even better if’ would be if it had a bar code/scanner option if you were out and you wanted to add it to your shelf. you could do so without it taking an age to search through Google for you.

It has great social media links with Facebook – you can get the recommendations straight to your messenger- which makes it’s ease of access in that respect fantastic. As soon as apps/websites start working well with others it is a dream!

Still, it’s now my go-to for finding recommendations – 9/10 in my searches I find a relevant recommendation to what I had searched. Spot on! I would definitely recommend signing up and giving it a go – it definitely has stand out features that sets it apart from competitors such as goodreads etc.

I recently found this through one of the creators contacting me, asking if I would like to use it for a few days/week and review.I actually can say I will continue to use this website to ‘shelve’ my books or find new recommendations because I really love the different, more personal ways you could talk about the books.

Thank you very much Shelf Joy for asking me to review the site!

Happy Spring Reading, guys!

Love, Em x



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