Of Fire and Stars Book Review

Of Fire and StarsOf Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My heart is still beating at a galloping pace. I am in awe. I LOVED this book.
I really really loved it.
The plot was great – It wasn’t just about them together – so much happened – they were brought together. It was gradual.
The host of characters were all different and added something to the dynamic of the way the story unfolded. This will be a re-reader for me. I can honestly say I am so upset this is a stand alone. Coulthurst needs to reconsider this because I could read so much more about these two all day. So much more.
The happenings in this book were done so well, not everything unravelled right in front of you, some things were displayed through conversation – which was realistic and I always appreciate not being spoon fed.
If time had been on my side, I would have gulped this up in one sitting. But on one hand I think it was a blessing I was forced to take it slow. It enabled me to completely take in the entire story – from both perspectives given. I was addicted, my mind kept wandering to them both when I was trying to work. I am addicted to both of them as they are addicted to each other.
I ship it 1000000%! Mare and Denna make me feel gooey, warm and how I felt when I first fell in love (and constantly being in it too) that swell in the pit of your stomach that drops now and then when you realise how beautiful the colour of their eyes are. Or when you see them coming home after being out in bad weather, their hair slightly tousled and make up running down their cheeks. Love is a beautiful thing- and Coulthurst writes growing and sparking love beautifully. She literally strikes flint against stone and creates a fiery love affair that leaves me gasping for air.
To write about two women being together in a fantasy setting and may I add its’ constantly referenced how other men find other men attractive, and women too. It’s a normal, natural thing. It’s completely equal and I really love that. It’s not about how bad it is that they are two women together. It’s about the treachery of it – or what detrimental effects that has on the kingdom. Nothing is said or related to the fact of them being women. IT’S COMPLETELY NORMALISED HURRAH – IT’S NOT EVEN THE POINT HURRAH!!!!

This was such a good, exciting and just exhilarating read – I am so so pleased I bought this. I think (And I know it’s only Feb but this has been a STAND OUT for me so far and I am just sad that I have nothing more to read of them now)

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