Moving Picture Monday!

Come on in for the third and final instalment in our Hunger Games comparison – we now have Mockingjay!

Now I am not going to split my review for this in half, I know there are two films, but seriously – it really only needed to be one film.


So in the final instalment of Suzanne Collin’s epic trilogy we see more of the double-sided Game Maker – Plutarch. We knew there was something shifty about him from Catching Fire and now we know why we felt those feelings! But in a good way, he pleasantly surprised us all and grew as a greatly voiced character.

President Coin.

There is no denying that Julianne Moore is an Oscar worthy actress, and with the added make-up and hair she is my ideal President Coin.

Dat hair tho.

CGI Effects/Cinematography

In these two films, the effects of the games around the Citadel and us seeing more of the people from them was fantastic. We see more of the districts fighting back and with that come fires, explosions and pure forces of water crashing down. (Thanks District 5)


There is so much repetition here with music in The Hunger Games. James Newton Howard excels himself yet again. With the added song from J-Law also hummed through this very seen above, it was a very very powerful move.

Changes and Similarities 

Katniss did go a little too haywire near the end of Mockingjay part 1 – ‘I’m going to lose them both tonight!’ repeated like a dozen times into Haymitch’s shoulder. I never saw Katniss like that – not letting her guard down so out there. She was nothing like that in the book.

I felt Finnick’s death was handled really well – though I start crying as soon as he jumps into the water to help. I literally cannot handle that well. – It goes down as one of the most hurtful deaths I cannot get over.

Overall for this whole series, it’s a pure joy to watch on screen. The music, casting and cinematography are rich and you can tell these films had the time spent on them. It’s definitely high up there with the best book adaptions I have ever seen – and it is always a favourite on my list for both book and film.

Check back next Monday for a totally new pick!

Happy Reading/Watching!

Love, Em x


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