Caraval Book Review

Caraval (Caraval, #1)Caraval by Stephanie Garber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Remember it’s only a game….

I was definitely up for the hype around this book. Not only was it compared to the likes of The Night Circus and Alice in Wonderland it seemed to have its own power and magic in the book itself. I received my copy through Fairyloot but honestly, when I saw it in my local book shop it has the magic to draw you in.

The summary is we follow two sisters on the road to the carnival Caraval – you either play or watch for five nights. Only the way they end up there, and who with and under circumstances are far from perfect. Scarlet, our main sister grows so much in this book, so so much. She starts off meek, the bigger more sensible sister who is cautious and holds back from making rash decisions. Julian, a mysterious man helps her through aspects of the game, and she finds parts of herself she didn’t even realise were there. And Julian definitely makes me blush at the neck and the face. Jesss-us.

This book had such an essence on colour. Things tasted and sounded of a colour, and I enjoyed that style of writing. Some parts were wishywashy, and cliche once or twice but overall I cannot deny this books magic. I really enjoyed it. My favourite shop name matched my gorgeous literary candle from Meraki candles ‘Come Back Yesterday’- such a beautiful whimsical name! I loved the magic passageways, the vials and the letters. The old fashioned heavy dresses, and the oil lamps at night. Everything felt fantastic with this book, and I am highly anticipating book two.

It really is worth its hype.

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