Moving Picture Monday!

Hey there folks! Today I am going to be continuing on with my love of the Hunger Games and comparing the film of Catching Fire to the book.

So let the odds be ever your favour.

Now I am going to just put it out there.

This is the best, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT – best adaption of a book I have seen on screen. Even the Harry Potter’s have left out a lot of material that you just want in the film.

But this- this I felt was literally adaption perfection.


So we still have our regular characters but I thought this film was where Peeta and Gale shone as well as Effie – especially at the reaping. This scene, she is so subtle and I love her. I just love her. Also dat dress. She be breaking mah heart.

I also think that this film is just more hard hitting than the first. This one is my favourite by a long long shot. Not just because the adaption is just right but because it sparks the revolution in everyone’s hearts and you can see the spark spreading. The scene in district 11, where they sign for Katniss after her heartfelt speech about Rue was just beautiful and distressing.

Joanna Mason and Finnick – both well cast. Well acted and just beautiful. Mason is cut throat and pure wit – the lift scene anyone?

And I definitely wanted to be offered sugar cubes from Finnick O’dair in that get up. You can pass them to me with you mouth please?


When the tributes go in to get scored, I love Katniss’s anger, when she hangs ”Seneca Crane” and when she looks at Peeta as she walks in after he has painted the death of Rue. These scenes/images are some of the best I have ever seen – they are so powerful.

CGI Effects/Cinematography

Now the clock arena and the Cornucopia where really well done- it’s more extravagant than the last film and you can definitely tell they had a bigger budget.

Also the last scene where Katniss’s arrow and the lightening – KABOOM. The ceiling falling down was done in such a way that really broke you apart from the arena into realising how much of a sick game this really is. I mean Snow built this mofo.

Look at that beehive feel.


Well it’s the same as I said last time really. My favourite pick is Victory Tour – I really think the speeches are elevated by this music.

The last paragraph I normally do here is changes and similarities – but everything was SO GOOD.

I literally give this 10/10 – I am never bored of it – the music is on point, the action, the emotion – everything. If you haven’t continued the series- read the book. Watch the film. This is one of the hardest cases to decide which is better.

Let me know what you guys think!

Love, Em x

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