Topical Tuesday!

Welcome to this week’s Topical Tuesday!

Now this week will be a short one as my topic only sprang from one page that I really wanted to share.

Now my topic is how one paragraph has described a very relevant moment going on in America right now. Racism. And that was found in Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles.

I shall share with you this paragraph.

They weren’t citizens. Or they were, but it was more complicated than that, had been since the Cyborg Protection Act had been instated by his grandfather decades ago. […Page 306…]

Cyborgs were too smart, people had complained. They were cheating the average man out of his wage.

Cyborgs were too skilled. They were taking jobs away from the hard-working, average citizens.

Cyborgs were too strong. They shouldn’t be allowed to compete in sporting events with regular people. It gave them an unfair advantage. 

And then one small group of cyborgs had gone on a spree of violence and theft and destruction, demonstrating just how dangerous they could be. 

Now with everything that happened with Brexit, about the some of the people of Britain wanting ‘foreigners’ out of our country …what is happening now with Donald Trump in America closing off his borders to SEVEN Muslim countries and all Muslim refugees…I feel Marissa Meyer wrote a hard-hitting page about our world today. When I read this, my mouth fell open because it’s so true.

Us Brits (not myself included I might add) said that the Polish were taking all of our jobs.

America/Trump saying that because of what a minority did, ISIS and so one means that all Muslims are dangerous and no one should help them. They also closed off their borders and painted them all with the same brush. Because of a minority.

We complain because we feel we can push blame on someone else. Because of our own countries failures – it must be there fault!

In the UK we have an unemployment problem, not because of Polish/Romanian/Indian people taking our jobs but because most people feel that they can live on benefits for a better life and don’t want to do the jobs those others take. They are hypocrites because they won’t work as hard as some of them do. Again I mean SOME PEOPLE.

In the US one of the number one killers is gun crime. By American citizens. I wonder why that is… oh wait…because guns are legalised. Muslims didn’t do that Mr Trump. Maybe you could fix that as well while you rage around like a FULL-ON bull in a china shop.

That is it for Topical Tuesday, sorry if it was a bit heavy but all what I have been hearing has really been getting to me. And although I can’t really do anything to be of any help I wanted to share this with you all. Because it’s important.

I hope no one is offended and please open up a discussion if you want to, I look forward to seeing your views!

See you soon!

Love, Em x


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