Moving Picture Monday (Back-dated)

Hey guys and welcome to my slightly late Moving Picture Monday! I experienced some technical difficulties last night was unable to launch this post- do forgive me!

So for the next three weeks I am going to be comparing each Hunger Games novel with it’s respective film, and today we start with the very first. The Hunger Games.

Now I am a massive fan of The Hunger Games – I have read the books at least three times over, and it’s in the list of my all time favourites – right up there with Harry Potter so ya know – it’s defo a GOOD THING FOR ME.


Now J-Law was indeed cast well as our leading lady. Her done faces are on point and I do love the dry aggressive tone she brings to Katniss. I could not fault her performance in the first film.



Amandla Stenberg really captured the uniqueness of Rue. She still had her innocence as well as the harsh practical reality of the games. She was a highlight of the first film for me.

Honourable mentions of top effort for bringing the characters to life: Haymitch, Effie, Seneca Crane and Mr Flickamen himself. All well adapted and beautiful on screen.

But the one who broke my heart. This man.

CGI Effects/Cinematography

In bringing the Cornucopia to life I felt the creative decisions behind this were very clever. When I read the book I had glamorised it, maybe the glittery shadow of the Capital had befallen it. But in the film it was raw, rough and real. I felt the use of ‘game room’ with the game maker also felt very clinical and real – there was nothing there that felt overly false or over-played. The only thing I will say which could have been done better was our first view of all the tributes at the parade. The Capital’s columns look slightly out of place (they could have been built really, come on) and the fire from Peeta and Katniss could have looked better also. I wasn’t too sure on her hairstyle for that moment, but anyway that is a different story.


Music I really really liked. My favourite was Rue’s theme, and the inspiration from District 10  when they raise their fingers for Katniss and the spark in the revolution begins – it just breaks my heart. And also when Katniss burns her leg and is sent her first care package – the music there is just determined.


Now, I really really wish Madge had been a part of the film. She gave the pin to Katniss and I felt in the books she was a needed character – and I missed that presence in the film, however smaller part she might have been.

I didn’t understand the shaky cam at the beginning following Katniss. Normal filming would have been fine. It added nothing but annoyance for me, and I still get annoyed when I watch it now.

The other change isn’t really a major change but it had less impact than the book. And that was the violence. In the book it felt bloody – a pure bloodpath. Now I know films have their ratings to keep to, but really – I think for the concept – I wished it would have been bloodier.

Now to end this backdated Moving Picture Monday let us see this glorious beard.


Happy Hunger Games, and May the Odds be ever in your favour.

Next week we look at Catching Fire!

See you soon,

Love Em x







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