Topical Tuesday!

How do characters change, grow or evolve throughout the course of the novel, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street? This talk does contain spoilers. 

Now for this I am going to focus on three characters:

Thaniel: Now Thaniel was a character that grew slowly from a small, disbelieving man painted grey to a vibrant, making his own choices and spreading good will kind of man. And one that grew into himself a lot more as the story goes on. In living with Mori, I feel he is giving more space metaphorically to grow than in his flat and it’s only here where he starts making his own decisions – in the way of how to help people, who to defend and who to love. And he has one of the most heart pounding scenes in the whole book and I absolutely loved him by the end of it.

Grace: Now I hardly ever have it where I like a character and then the end of the book comes and I hate said character. But Grace… oh god. I loved her sass at the beginning, I felt she was a strong independent woman and we were going to get some good lines from her. Oh no. Because of her controlled childhood and current controlled situation by her dad she started showing similar traits in her life. She knew her life was meant to be controlled by a man (in those times) that she as a character started evolving to control everything around her. The way her science experiments went, she tried to control her friend, Thaniel and the clockwork animals. This is why I feel she was so scared of Mori – because he could not be controlled and she had the same feeling that she had with her father  – that she was out of her depth.

Mori: Mori was so a beautiful character and his change throughout the book was self-awareness. He was able to not shut himself away and keep himself to himself- he started to apologise for his gift more, and try using it for good. He was also incredibly quiet at the beginning, and polite but again he was another that broke out of his shell near the end- and in starting to own to his wants and thoughts we saw more out of him as a person.  One thing of this was him accepting that he was lonely and then accepting Thaniel’s move on him and his feelings towards him. – I think their relationship was the best thing to grow from that book. I am so pleased Pulley took it in that direction!

Please comment on your thoughts of the characters, would be great to hear them!


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