Red Dragon Book Review

Red Dragon (Hannibal Lecter, #1)Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A 3.5 Rating.

I feel so tense after this. Almost out of breath. Thomas Harris is definitely one with twisting words into making your heart stop.
I was excited to read this due to being in love with Bryan Fuller’s TV Series – and I did love how Crawford was written, I thought that was a mirror character image. Freddie Lounds and Alan Bloom were male but both characters were fine as either sex. Obviously I prefer the female versions because ya know… kick ass female characters.
Anyway on with the book.
The first chapter is one of my favourite openings to a book I have ever read. It’s beautiful, descriptive and real. Harris has a fantastic talent in writing subtle and human actions. Like getting distracted by a bird.. or pauses or the way the human mind works. Not many authors show case this so seamlessly. Harris does.
I do believe that if I did not already pre-love the characters so much from the series I may not have loved them so much in this. I am not a fan of crime involved fiction and I felt at some points it moved a little slow.
We got so much more of Francis in the book, which was nice because I really did feel sorry for him.
Overall this book was tense, sickening with a juxtaposition of beautiful description. It’s not your average crime/thriller – so do give it a read. It’s not what you expect. And neither is the ending.

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