Blacksad Graphic Novel Review

BlacksadBlacksad by Juan Díaz Canales

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ever wonder why you put something off for such a long time? And then when you read it you realise how much you’ve been missing out on?

Yup, that was me with Blacksad.

I knew the artist was a previous artist for the Walt Disney Company – but his drawings were even more DETAILED and just plain amazing. I cannot describe how much I loved his settings, the way the characters just lifted off the page… it was pure talent.

The premise of Blacksad is humans that resemble animals – though there is no awareness that this is abnormal, this is how this world is. There are no zoological differences between them – all relationships are portrayed realistically to life we know today, as well as everything else they do in everyday life.
We follow three episodes in this volume, and we see it through the eyes of John Blacksad, an ex-cop turned own-detective. All three episodes have such important themes, racial issues, depression and guilt. Of course that’s not all that’s portrayed in them, and it’s not all doom and gloom. There is humour and wit and you really love all of the characters. All of them. They are all REAL. They aren’t ‘GOOD’ and ‘EVIL’- they all have their darker sides, even our protagonist Blacksad- and that’s a really nice representation of society.
Plots twisted and your emotions raise high as you speed along in something that is an extraordinary piece of fiction.

Everything about this graphic novel was splendid and I cannot wait to carry on with the series, especially as fourth volume (I think?) is being released this year (If they hurry up with translating it from French!)
Definitely a graphic novel to read – if you’re just starting out, if you’ve been here for a while or you just want something different. Blacksad has it all.

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