Moving Picture Monday!

So with all the hype going around Netflix’s next BIG thing A Series of Unfortunate Events I thought it would be good to remember the first adaption with Jim Carrey and feature it as my Moving Picture Monday.

Ugh, this first adaption. I saw the first episode of series the other day and so far.. it feels like a parody turned in on itself. Whereas this film I feel it’s more from the siblings perspective, it’s more serious and the script lives up well to the first three books.

Let’s take a look and see.


For starters you’ve got a whole host of good acting in here: Emily Browning, Billy Connolly Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep and Liam Aiken (I had a crush on him back in the day). In relation to the characters, I feel Jim Carrey was the best choice to pull off Count Olaf in his many forms. The eyebrow, the lean, the preposterous way of talking and announcing his statements to the world.

The three siblings are great, I love Klaus so much, his eyes twinkle when he thinks of books and ughgjfhgfdj let’s just talk about Klaus, okay?

All these characters feel like they have been lifted up from the pages by these actors and danced about in front of us. All top jobs from all!

CGI Effects/Cinematography

Now in remembering this film was some time ago, it still managed to deliver in the way of effects and beautiful shots.

Briny Beach was a lovely depressing shot, as was the view from Aunt Josephine’s house into the sea.
The Leeches and the Incredibly Deadly Viper were also well done on the screen, the leeches were bloody terrifying. Remember do not eat half an hour before you go into the water…


All that comes to mind here is that darn elf song… come on.. you all know the one.. :



They did cram three books into one film so each one felt incredibly brief, which was a little sad. Especially with my favourite (The Reptile Room). Other than that it was a very close adaption, (apart from the elf?!) Jude Law’s beautiful soft voice narrating as Lemony was great. We had his added wit through the book as he typed the story. It felt very authentic. The whole Wide Window scene with Aunt Josephine going on about how everything will kill you was perfect for me. I couldn’t direct that scene any better. *Careful about staring to long, your eyes will burn out and you will die from blood loss*

Overall this book/film adaption was very good, very thoughtful and in my opinion this was Jim Carrey’s most shining role. He deserved a lot of praise for this. He was made to be Count Olaf. I would give both book and film a 4* rating. The Netflix show has still yet to live up to the film – I mean what is the way Sunny bites things?! She looks like a doll? I do love Neil Patrick Harris and his dry, straight to the point tone. He is another who was born to the role. We shall see, readers. We shall see.

See you tomorrow guys for Topical Tuesday, how are your January reading months going so far? Would love to hear from you all! My work life is quite poop at the moment, I can’t stop thinking about books just to escape from it all.

Happy Reading!

Love, Em x

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