Moving Picture Monday!

           Hey guys! So I know I have done a few film/book comparisons before, but I want to make it a regular feature on my blog- as Moving Picture Monday! Bringing you classic and new adaptions of our favourite literature.

I am working on other features of the week, particularly ‘Topical Tuesday’ where I want to open a discussion about a particular theme of a book/poem or play. Also Top Five Friday where I give a different Top Five every week! Stay tuned for more info, and I would love to hear your thoughts! For now, enjoy Moving Picture Monday!


Last Friday I finally went to see one of my most anticipated films of 2017 (and yes I know the year has only just begun).


Now before I get into what I loved and what was good about both let me just say I give both, book and film 5/5 stars. I cannot fault this adaption, to me it was as heartfelt and as raw as the book was.

I think knowing that the actor who played Conor O’Malley had lost his own mum to cancer probably was the reason this film put me in tears early on. His acting was so raw, so incredible and positively heartbreaking. Even if I didn’t know that piece of information I would still think he acting was absolutely amazing and it really choked me up when his voice broke near the end. He was phenomenal.

Liam Neeson as the voice of the monster and the blurred but noticeably the Grandad in pictures was a perfect casting choice. His deep voice rumbled through me, searching every part of me for the truth. 

Sigourney Weaver and Felicity Jones keep fantastic performances, and Jones is well on her way to be one of the most versatile and classic actresses of her time.

CGI Effects/Cinematography

If you haven’t seen this film I cannot describe to you how good the use of pencils and watercolour is in this film. The animation of the stories alone are a lovely portrayal into the artistic nature of both Conor and his mum (as we see from her teaching him to draw and her own sketch book near the end) Also the title sequence gave me goosebumps.

The biggest thing I was worried about with the adaption was how the monster would look. But I needn’t have worried. I was unbelievably lifelike without looking ridiculous or out of place, it was perfect. I loved knowing they created a life size version of his head. It’s just amazing.

I would say when the monster was first called I have never been more scared- more so than the book. He was frightening, he was magnificent and he was dark.


Fernando Velazquez- I have never heard of him, but after this I am making sure I hear more. Stunning, epic and emotionally shattering.


Even though they removed his companion/friction with his close friend at school and his anger for telling everyone she wasn’t really needed. The film went on without her and we saw it more through the teachers asking Conor continually if he was alright.
Lines were literally lifted right from the book to the screen which was nice as they were perfect just the way they were, the same with the illustrations by Jim Kay – the monster had very similar stills the same as the art for the books.



This particular scene with the monster in the house was one I remember most being straight from the book. I am pleased Patrick Ness was a big part of making the film, he brought it to life just how Siobhan Dowd would have imagined it.

I feel in Liam Neeson being the grandfather as well (subtly), it represented how at 12.07 he was coming for his daughter’s passing as well as helping his grandson realise that he needed to come to terms with his mother’s loss, because otherwise he would never heal.

All in all as I said at the beginning, I cannot state enough what a beautiful adaption this was, from the acting, to the special effects to the raw and emotional climb we make with this film. We know it’s coming, but when we reach it we’re so determined it cannot be so Conor’s grief floods us along with our own.

I will go more into this story for my first Topical Tuesday of the year, looking at the symbolism in A Monster Calls.

I hope you enjoyed the film if you have seen it, and if not, I promise you it will make you feel everything but you won’t realise until you’ve come up for air.

Let me know your thoughts on this comparison in the comments below, what did you think to the Monster’s special effects?

See you soon,

Love Em x




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