The Sun is also a Star Book Review

The Sun Is Also a StarThe Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I heard about the release of Nicola Yoon’s next novel, I was beyond excited. Everything Everything was touching and a shining debut so I wasn’t expecting anything less from ‘The Sun is also a Star.’
And not only did she not disappoint she surpassed my expectations as I love this book even more.
We follow Natasha and Daniel in New York city, both teens trying to work out how to take back control of their lives. Natasha is being deported in twelve hours and is racing the clock to find a way to stop it and Daniel is being forced to go to Yale to be a doctor so he can make a decent living and make his parents happy.
It doesn’t only include these two characters. We have Irene, who has three very powerful but small chapters. We have Natasha’s mum, dad and brother who are a family pushed apart by very different dreams.
We have a waitress at a Korean restaurant who is going through heartbreak at the fact tradition and prejudice pushed her to uncontrollably lose her son. The security guard from the lawyers firm, who in losing his wife, has found it difficult to give up smoking but wants to try to start something new with his life. And many more.
How does an author, combine so many different lives, sometimes no more than a page or two is needed and it’s enough? You already feel for them, you see the reason for their actions with our main two characters, you feel sorry for them and yet you feel okay with only having a page with them because it feels so realistic. You don’t get a deep knowledge into everyone’s life in reality. We grace by with making our own assumptions, assuming someone is rude when really they are broken up by a decision they made years or weeks ago that is somehow made more prominent when they see/hear you.
Nicola Yoon deals with racial issues, family control, prejudice, traditions and moral dilemmas. We see grief, loss and sacrifice and complete loneliness.
We also see hope, inspiration, motivation, the exploration of music, fresh starts, bravery, honesty and love. All in 344 pages. Yoon is a genuis.
This is so much more than a girl and boy falling in love in New York city in twelves hours. This will take your breath away.

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