Harry Potter: The Prequel Review and Link

Harry Potter: The Prequel (Harry Potter, #0.5)Harry Potter: The Prequel by J.K. Rowling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wouldn’t even call this a book more a mere few pages but this was such a lovely thing to find – I didn’t even know this existed!!! And if you guys didn’t know either here is a link: http://www.dementor.ir/files/norouz/4/Harry%20Potter%20Prequel.pdf

The first page is JK’s own writing but the second is the typed version 🙂

2008 this was released online…only I wasn’t as ‘online’ as I am now so I am not surprised I missed it.
This excerpt about James and Sirius as young teens (three years before Harry graced us with his presence) and everything was as I had hoped for. Cheeky, funny and simply done! It was so nice to see JK’s handwriting at the beginning as well before the typed version. Felt lovely and personal!

I will gobble anything about this world and imagining the two young wizards, one with messy hair and one with wit larger than life riding off on Sirius’s motorbike, was definitely something to brighten a regular, freezing evening in January.

Thanks JK.

Hope you guys enjoy this little treat as much as I did!

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