December 2016 Wrap Up!

So this wrap up has come slightly later than I would have liked (You can blame the flu for that :L ) But I am incredibly happy with my reading the past festive month. Like really happy. 5 books!

I thought because it’s my favourite month of the year, I mean -parties, dinners, baking, crafts, films, wrapping, dgjkdfhgjkdfh – I mean when are you supposed to read?

But some how – magically I did read a few books and those are:



This month was definitely a mixture of good and bad books, and diverse in genre as well! The Diabolic  by S.J. Kincaid was one of my most anticipated reads of the year, and for me it definitely delivered, I love Nemesis! Such a kick ass character and I love the way her mind works. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.

The second most enjoyable book I read this month was a re-read for me and that was A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (And Siobhan Dowd respectively). I have no words for this book, this is an raw experience that everyone should read. As expected I gave this a 5 out of 5 stars.

Sleeping giants by Sylvain Neuvel was another 5* and such a different read for me. It’s a sci-fi but in the format of interviews and journal entries.You actually grow to really care about the people involved and the interviewer is the more a mystery than the metal giant – EVEN THOUGH I HAVE HELLA LOAD OF QUESTIONS ABOUT HER. LIKE WHY IS SHE ON EARTH? WHAT CAN SHE DO? WHO/WHAT WAS SHE BUILT FOR?

I had two let downs this month. What Light by Jay Asher, I thought it would be Christmassy mush but… as I said in my review it was too dark with hardly anytime spent on it and our main girl was unbelievably annoying because she droned on and on in self pity and self righteousness. I gave this 1*

Babydoll by Hollie Overton was also such a disappointment. 2* for a good intro but… the characters were over aggressive, the plot… not original and far fetched… and I just- nearly stopped. And I do not like cutting and running with books. Not at all!

So there you go, there is my wrap up for the last month of 2016. I shall be posting my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 2016 Overview today as well my 2017 set up!

How did your December Reads go?

Love, Em x


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