An Unfortunate Readathon!

If you love Lemoney Snicket and his tales of the Baudelaire siblings then keep on reading. If you don’t, then I shall see you on my next post!

On January 13th, Netflix will air their adaption of A Series of Unfortunate Events- WOOHOO! So to celebrate, I am hosting a readathon…now being there 13 days to go until the series and 13 books…THAT’S RIGHT, YOU GUESSED IT!

I propose we read a book a day of the series until the episodes are released! I understand not everyone will be able to do this (myself included) but it’s just a little fun to be able enjoy Snicket’s world again and get a headstart on our reading challenge for the year!

To join you just the book in hand or on kindle and away we go! It could be a re-read for you, or a brand new experience!

Tomorrow we start with The Bad Beginning!

Remember to hashtag it as #unfortunatereadathon2017 so I can see it on twitter, and tag me on instagram and wordpress @wedgesoflemon so I can see your book pictures on there!

Looking forward to it guys!

Let’s set off January with the tales of the three Baudelaires…but I warn you… this is not a happy story..

Love, Em x

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