Babydoll Book Review

Baby DollBaby Doll by Hollie Overton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So…this was supposed to be a tense thriller.

The idea was there, but the execution on the other hand…was most definitely not. The writing was skippy, clunky and the characters put into over drive and self pity 99% of the time.
I know what has happened to Lily is unthinkable and horrible…but…but….Abbie’s thoughts, Eve’s thoughts…Rick’s frickin’ thoughts and frickin’ Missy and Angela (I mean the fuck with these women?!?) I just sighed a lot during this book. I was so excited for it, I mean really excited.

Room had been a big thing for me earlier this year, I had enjoyed the film and thought picking up Babydoll would be a nice stepping stone if you will for me to read Room in the New Year. Now I want to separate the two so far because I have heard amazing things about Room and I don’t want this book to blemish it.

I think Babydoll has it’s prized moments in it’s opening chapters. Overton certainly knows how to catch your attention. I just think it’s holding it that’s the problem.
The ending was eh… I didn’t feel much poeticness or build up. The former was just lost with the spoon feeding of the character thoughts ‘She had traded her freedom for Lily’s..’ I mean come on seriously…

I felt quite let down by this book, but still read it in one sitting. Not one for the keep pile though.

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