A Monster Calls Book Review (Re-read)

A Monster CallsA Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this was a re-read for me, a re-fresh if you will in anticipation for next week’s premier.
I must have blanked out what an emotional and raw journey this book is.

I do not think I am stable enough to write a very long review without balling my eyes out. This novel and its illustrations (by the same guy who does the illustrated Harry Potter editions by the way!) pull your heartstrings and your feelings everywhere. Anger, Denial, the entire grief process and you cannot escape it. It doesn’t feel forced in your face, it’s a gradual dull ache of pain that rises up and just escapes in mountains of tears.

We follow a boy and his dealing in grief through a monster that takes the form of a yew tree. The monster calls to know the truth, and we follow Conor deciding if he can give the truth or not. It’s heartbreaking. It’s truth. I want to recommend it but on the grounds that it will turn you upside down and you won’t realise the trap you’re in until it’s too late.
This is poetic emotional beauty at it’s finest. I think it’s Patrick Ness’s greatest work.
Experience this for yourself, it’s a true wonder and inspiration in search of truth.

What did you read this fine Boxing Day? Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Love, Em x

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