Bookmas Day 8: Books I Want to Read in 2017!

So it’s official. There is no escaping the New Year – it is actually under two weeks away. Scary!

So I do hope to beat my already completed goal of books next year – moving it to 60 (from this year’s target of 25) and hopefully with the help of some of those books I really want to get read in 2017.

Two of these are here from yesterday, but I cannot wait to start this year with some fantastic fantasy – Of Fire and Stars sounds so unconventional, and I love the fact she falls for the sister and not the prince. Virginia Woolf is bae and I need more of her work in my life (recommendation from a close friend!). I need to finish Miss Peregrines, because it’s been sitting under my bed, bookmark in it’s pages and I just can’t bring myself to pick it up. This must change this year, because I hate all these unfinished works around me.

Well there you have it, there is Bookmas Day 8. See you tomorrow for another day of Christmassy book festivities!

Have a good evening, and see you tomorrow!

Love, Em x

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