The Diabolic Book Review

The DiabolicThe Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Designed to protect…. Destined to destroy…

Meet Nemesis.

A Diabolic. Built for mankind, and then one by one hunted and destroyed by mankind – all but a few to save and protect their precious lives for themselves.

I frickin’ loved this book- it had so much more sci-fi threads twined in than I had imagined, it was highly pleasing! The pacing in this book was incredibly fast, darting back and forth with Nemesis – or is quick to become one of my all time favourite heroins… you know for reasons.

I felt S.J did a superb job writing a character who was human in looks, but complete opposite on the inside but still making her relatable and pure raw. Raw is how I feel this book, it shredded me down with those serated knives there and just left me skin bare. I was not expecting some of the twists in this – it was most enjoyable to go WHOA NO out loud on a few occasions – I love that when it happens.

There was so many female characters in this in STRONG positions! SO MANY. That was immensely pleasing, as was Tyrus’s character – his sheer act was enough to make me like him from the very beginning!

My only quibble with this book (it is a 4.5) is that I feel Neveni was left pretty abruptly in her hometown, I mean I know it was her choice but her character just felt cut harshly and that felt a little weird not to even have her or her home planet mentioned again. Meh.

Overall, it was a fantastic concept, with strong female characters, a great fast paced narrative and some kick ass action which was well placed not there for just the WOW factor. As for romance, I saw it coming, but if he is as handsome as he is charismatic, then who could blame her?

If you like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopian and strong female characters you won’t be disappointed with The Diabolic!

Let me know what you’re reading this December guys!

Love, Em x

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