November Wrap Up!

Ugh….. this month wasn’t as successful as I had hoped…I think I was too ambitious AGAIN. But this month I still read 3.5 books….hjkfghjdf oops?

I was off to a strong start, I finished A Torch Against the Night in the first week, then Three Dark Crowns, and then raced through sci-fi spectacular Gemina! I then started Belgravia by Julian Fellowes but it’s such a slow-paced novel (still fantastic) but just… not a quick read. So unfortunately that pushed me back 😦 BUT I knew I was ambitious. I think being the end of the year you try and push just that little bit further to up your book total ughghghg.

So I gave TDC, and ATATN 4 out of 5 stars and Gemina 5 stars because I cannot get over how frickin’ good the Illuminae series is. It’s frickin’ amazing.

Only one month left in the year of 2016…..Jesus Christ – how?!

Let me know how your November reading month went! Now let’s power through the last month together!

Love, Em x

3 thoughts on “November Wrap Up!

    • WedgesofLemon says:

      Aww, I know- it’s nice to know other people struggle too with their TBRs! I try to remind myself that everyone reads at different paces and more importantly everyone’s lives are different and busy at different times – 🙂 Hopefully December should be better for both of us, good luck! 🙂

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