Gemina (The Illuminae Files_02) Book Review

Gemina (The Illuminae Files, #2)Gemina by Amie Kaufman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Just a simple boy… ”

Wow. I am mind-blown, not just by the content and the twists and turns but how a sequel can be as fantastic, if not better than it’s predecessor. I frickin’ loved this follow up to Illuminae and if you are not on this bandwagon yet then WHY THE HELL NOT?

This has been one of the most inventive, and exhilarating reading experiences I have EVER ever had. I just can’t even…. *breathes deeply and carries on*
In all honesty I was extremely sceptical at first. I mean, we were on a completely different ship. Where was the Hypathia? Why wasn’t I with Ezra and Kady?! But surprisingly I warmed up to the new host of characters fairly quickly and tears were spilling down my cheeks by page 99. I loved how a book that even though the concept of emails/diagrams/footage reports was carried over from Illuminae it still jumped right off of the page and made your heart race as you were exploded in a heap of action and shots, ducking left, right and centre until you were finally allowed to….breathe. And take it all in…AND THEN we were starting to see traits from the first book, then characters and then PLOT and I was so happy when the timelines were coming in line and then Kady was back in abundance and Aiden

Plot – Fantastic, fast paced, EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED.
Characters – charming, realistic, badass and GREY.
Concept – Breathtaking, how many times can you say you have read a book like the Illuminae files?! It was definitely a conversation starter at work with many people interrupting my reading space to enquire what the hell I was reading :L

If you’re in doubt about both files. Read Illuminae. And THEN Gemina. If you were like me and thought ah, we’re not with Kady/Ezra/Hypathia, why bother? READ GEMINA. You will not be disappointed. I cannot praise this book, it’s poetic writing and addicting characters enough – I love it.

Emma out.

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