A Torch Against the Night Book Review

A Torch Against the Night (An Ember in the Ashes, #2)A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

SKIES! What a fiery follow up to an amazing debut!

Jumping straight into this book was fantastic after finishing Ember because I didn’t have that heart wrenching wait I would have had if I had read Ember when it was first published – THANK THE LORD ON THAT!

My favourite character is still Elias….Laia annoys me slightly (And only slightly) Elias is beautifully designed as a character, he lifts right of the page – qualities I have seen before in others bound to one and I feel he’s like nothing I have ever read before. Or ever known before. His chapters were compelling and addictive and I was sad when I saw the end of them.
Helene was has a great character arc in this also, – another whose actions are not cliche or perhaps seen as weak. I found her a great strong female character who had multiple hard choices, and harsh realities shoved upon her – and for someone who we have to remember is still so young, she takes it like a woman double her age. Not that anyone of any age can be prepared for what she sees/experiences.

The plot in itself was fast moving from place to place as well as character perspectives making the web together nicely. Nothing seemed out of place and I felt the world building in this developed the plot even deeper. It was nice to go into the forest with The Soul Catcher- adding another dimension literally and plot-wise to the novel which I found dark and mysterious.

The only thing which annoyed me was the sex. The ‘love triangle’. I think ACOMAF has embedded my anger for this but they seem to pop up EVERYWHERE. Laia didn’t need it? Why couldn’t it have been a deep friendship compromised?! I know that some characters weren’t who they said they were but still…foiling someone could still be done without sex.
But that was my only gripe! I was engrossed with the adventure the entire way – a superb follow up to what I thought was one of the best YA fantasies in a long time. Also I liked how the title wasn’t dropped in for Laia- that it was for another, that was beautifully poetic.

Now, when is the next one?

Have you read this yet?! If so, what do you think about the Soul Catcher? Or Keenan/Laia/Elias? Comment below your thoughts!

Happy Reading guys!

Love Em x

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