October Wrap Up!

Nashnashnash *shameful shuffles*

I didn’t finish as many books as I said I was going to this month or as many as I wanted to 😦

Sad times.

I did start PLENTY of books, just…finishing them obviously didn’t happen! But let’s hope this starts me off well for November! 😀 Now after all that waffle, let’s get on to the wrap up!

The Walking Dead Graphic Novel 01. Days Gone Bye


As I said in my review, I loved finally starting these- I know I’ve got a long way to go but so far so very good!

The Adventures of The Princess and Mr Whiffle


This was one of my favourite reading experiences of the year- so dark, humorous and down-right scary – this fairytale for adults is a read that is not to be missed!

This Savage Song 


Ahhhh this was such a good read! Very much enjoyed sitting down with this one – a good Halloweeny/Autumn pick!


The Walking Dead Graphic Novel (2) Miles Behind Us


This was the last piece of reading I finished in the month of October 😦 But it was a creepy/gory one to finish on for Halloween! I enjoyed it and I cannot wait for the third!

So that’s it guys, only four books but I am half way through Peculiar Children, A Torch Against the Night, Three Dark Crowns and a few chapters into Replica – so I have just been spreading the love :L No but seriously, I will crack down on the loose ends this Nov! Next to come today, my NOVEMBER TBR (IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!)

Let me know how your October went! Happy Reading!

Love, Em x


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