The Girl on the Train Film/Book Comparison!

So in reading the book earlier this year I had high hopes when the trailer dropped this August!

This film was clearly on the right track from the off with it’s casting (heheh there’s my pun out of the way haha) But seriously Emily Blunt’s performance as Rachel was fantastic! I loved how damn right awful she looked and how well it wasn’t hammy as well. That’s a big thing when acting drunk – trying to make it look natural!

Luke Evans as Scott was physically a very good casting choice – extremely dark, handsome and mysterious I loved the casting (and I do love him anyway so :L )

Megan’s casting was also well done, she captured her immaturity as well as her restlessness which I thought was a well done capture from page to screen.

In the book we have different POVs as chapters which they also replicated in the film, which worked considerably well! I also got annoyed with Rachel as I got annoyed with her in the book so again another good transference.

Lisa Kudrow played a really good part as well, it was a nice surprise to see her there!

I found in the book as I mentioned in my review near the beginning of the year that it fell flat in the middle for a hundred pages or so – but in the film those pages were tense and fast paced, losing a lot of the unnecessary plot – so the director made some good choices in regards to cuts.

I was slightly annoyed about the change from London to New York – I mean it was always the Euston stop and how it stopped at 8.04 because of construction! But I guess the houses are much nicer to look at in the USA … hmmph 😦

The change of G&T in the film to vodka in a water bottle was only a small thing but it links into the location change – in America they don’t exist! :O

The acting was good, narrative all there from the book- you really hate Tom exactly like you do in the book (grr!) I thought it was a fantastic adaption – well played!

Definitely a must see film of the year, even if you’re the small minority who HAVEN’T read the book- and if you are, where have you been, living under a rock?

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