Nerve Book Review

NerveNerve by Jeanne Ryan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 out of 5

I don’t know whether I am comparing this to the fact that the film was better or whether it genuinely is just my verdict on it –

It was extremely fast paced, and moved on very quickly from dare to dare. Vee seemed too hung up on men, which annoyed me slightly- she was too needy.

The ending was annoyingly weak? I wanted the game to be shut down, to rise with it – not for it to continue?! It just didn’t seem like much got resolved apart from Vee’s get out clause she created for herself.

I think it’s good as a quick read, with some okay characters, and a very good theme/plot – I mean the idea of Nerve is genius – really really good – And a whole star goes for the idea of it, and how creepy it can really get.

I just wished the ending had been better, and Vee not so annoying – Ian was likeable though, extremely likeable (Probably because I painted Dave Franco’s face on him from the film – oops 😉 )

Are you a watcher or a reader? Defo a watcher on this one. Sorry Nerve book lovers.

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