Are you a Watcher or a Reader? A Nerve Book/Film Comparison

So on August 8th (I know,  A LONG TIME AGO- Sorry guys!) I went to see an early preview of Nerve starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. I was highly anticipating it and at this point had not read the book.

Now, today I have just finished said book – and here is my comparison.

For one, the characters are a lot more likeable in the film than they are the book. Maybe it’s because we get an hour or two with them, whereas the book is rather short in comparison to others – 286 or something like that. Ian and Vee are acted better in the film and are less annoying whereas in the book I rolled my eyes a few times at Vee. And Franco is hot as – and such a good actor, at the end his vocal change was a-maz-ing. I wanted him as my boyfriend hot damn.

The plot is fast paced, both with book and film though in the film it flows better and the ending is more chilling/meaningful – I mean don’t get my wrong, the books very last page is creepy as but the last twenty minutes of the film are just fluid and highly likely. Whereas I was so annoyed by the route they had in the book – I was happy when it was finished. I just wanted something ‘big’ to happen. But nothing. Nothing at all.

The dares were better in the film, obviously to make it more rater friendly, and to make it more action packed- the end dare in the book was nothing like the qualifying dares in the film. Also the dares were actually terrifying, where as the book made it look more like child’s play.

Now I don’t know whether I feel all this because I saw the film before the book (which is rare for me) and I was influenced heavily by that going into the book – but normally I can see the good differences in both and in this instance the film came out a lot stronger.

What do you think guys? Are you a Watcher or a Reader? Let me know in the comments, let us start a debate!

See you soon with another blog post!

Love Em x



2 thoughts on “Are you a Watcher or a Reader? A Nerve Book/Film Comparison

  1. CineMuseFilms says:

    Great post; you have nailed the essence of what Nerve is about. Its also a satire on the herd mentality upon which social media thrives. A bit predictable and could have dug deeper, so I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.


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