My Top 10 Children’s Books!

So the children have finally gone back to school at the beginning of last week so I decided to do a post on my personal top 10 children’s books, to mark the occasion. So have we got all our school uniforms ready and pencil cases sorted? GOOD. Let’s begin!

10. Goodnight Mister Tom 

A beautiful book, set in World War 2 in London and English Countryside. Between an older man, and a young boy – this book is about extraordinary friendship, and doing what is right by the ones you love. My Mum used to read this to me when I was younger, and I knew the boy that starred in the film from school! :L FUN FACT EY?



9. What Katy Did/What Katy Did Next

This book is about childish fun and adventure and reminds me of freshly cut grass, lying down on your stomachs in the garden on towels with ice lollies reading this.


8. A Little Princess 

My favourite bit in this book is when she describes her room, the visuals from this have stayed with me through my life and the magical feel as you read this book is something else. Also this edition is beyond beautiful – I need it in my life!



7. Home Farm Twins Series

I loved this series when I was young. It was my go to when I got home from school – I loved the idea of moving away from the big city and into a  farm and rescuing all those animals. I loved the TV show as well erg- this was such a good thing back then! My favourite was Solo the Homeless incase ya wanted to know!


6. Dolphin Diaries 

This was actually the first time I read a book through audio (a cassette back then) I was addicted to this series, and dolphins back then  and any new release was always high on my radar. I feel all nostalgic thinking of these again and falling asleep to them.


5. The Enid Blyton Collection: The Magic Faraway Tree, Famous Five and (my favourite) the Naughtiest Girl in the School.

Cheating I know but Enid will come up a lot here so I thought I would round her up into one, I loved her books when I was younger, mainly because of my mum handing them down to me! This book about a tree that lead to different lands was so good that I wished most nights it would be real – ahh little me 🙂

Enid Blyton was a master at her work – and boy could she tell a story. These adventures with these five friends were one of the best summers I had – also very good on audio book!

And lastly, The Naughtiest Girl in the School – she was me, feisty little me and I laughed so hard with her during her time at the school. I also loved the detail Enid put into these stories, especially what she packed and what food she ate.


4. George’s Marvellous Medicine

I loved Rauld Dahl when I was younger and still to this very day. My favourite was George’s Marvellous Medicine because his Grandma was so damned horrible, and his ‘medicines’ were so funny. I read this book over and over.


3. Charlotte’s Web

This story was one of the first to make me cry. It was a beautiful little book, and it just has one of the most bitter sweet endings that I have ever known.


2. Black Beauty

I had to post a big picture of this cover because IT’S GORGEOUS! These designs are so perfect for the books they’ve chosen ❤ I love this book. It really took me as a child and I would often request to read this classic over others.

1. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 

Step into Narnia, when of the best world builds I ever read during my childhood. I still pick this up now and again – in my mind this was one of C.S Lewis’s best, though Silver Chair was still very very good in my mind. This book just continually special while I grew up and deserved this fine place here at the top of my list.


I couldn’t fit all of my favourite on here, so I left out the obvious ones (Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Beatrix Potter, Wizard of Oz, Wind in the Willows, Railway Children, Mary Poppins and Peter Pan because I wanted others to take some time in the spotlight – but these are some of my treasures too!)  What are your favourite children’s stories? Let me know in the comments and share some recommendations – and if you’ve read some of these, did it make you feel nostalgic?

Happy Reading guys!

See you Soon!

Em x


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