A Court of Mist and Fury: Book Review

A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay… so this book was on some pages EXACTLY what I wanted and on others… errrr. For the reasons below this is why it has taken me ages to read it. And it has been a LONG time.

I felt for at least 40 odd pages of this book in different places this was erotica with the mask of fantasy. I didn’t mind page 22, but then when you read more and more sex, no matter if it’s with different people – it was boring. I know some people really enjoy erotica but I would have liked more conversation and well, more action in some places? Or just make the book slightly shorter, it’s still super chunky.
It was during these times were Feyre started to annoy me, she became incredibly Mary Sue and she reminded me of Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn (Sorry) and imprinting also recycled here.

I love Rhysand, he was in due credit a good character, and so was the others of The Night Court. I missed Lucien and for some of the book, Tamlin too -but then of course that wears off as we don’t see them or really hear from them for 400+ pages.
I still love Nessa, god damn, how kick feisty.

I feel there should be a rating for books – because if this is classed as YA/Teen fiction but is placed next to the likes of Lunar Chronicles = er I wouldn’t want a child of 12 reading this– it is in sexually and language = graphic. I don’t mind it, but the sex was very repetitive – and some characters had the same sex style. Surprising. I also felt the plot was being shifted by the next flirtatious glance or next sexual conversation. We as readers weren’t being pulled by the plot of the book, or the wall it was ‘IS SO AND SO GONNA GET IT ON?’ At least that was what I felt Sarah J Maas wanted you to be thinking. Otherwise there wouldn’t of been so much dialogue and thoughts on sex.
I got annoyed at the amount of snarling, choking and barking people did in saying things. Imagining the characters ‘barking’ out some lines was laughable.
Had the last 100 pages not been SO GOOD I wouldn’t of rated this as high as I did, and I am sad to say that. I am excited for the last book, but only because the twist and writing at the end was powerful and a good cliffhanger.
I am glad it picked up so much because with the sex, the lack of Feyre’s character I would have put this down to a 2.5/3 which as I said before really does upset me. I mean this is a lot of people’s book of the year so far.

If you don’t mind constant erotica with a fantasy blanket you will love this. Hands down.

See you very soon for another review!

Happy Reading and let me know what you think, guys!

Em x

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