Why Suicide Squad is the worst superhero film I have ever seen.

Hey guys!

So today’s post isn’t book related at this point (I am enjoying A Court of Mist and Fury too much to rush it) But I went to see Suicide Squad last Wednesday and thought I would let you guys know what I thought of it.

So to be clear, this is just my opinion and I know it’s a controversial one in regard to the cast of this film and the hype it has had. I was even in the hype for an age, especially when they released that Jared Leto would play the Joker – I love 30STM and his acting in my opinion is always top class.

But leaving that disclaimer behind I walked out of that theatre feeling dead. It was awful. Categorically awful. I would give it in hindsight 1 star out of 5 and that feels generous.

We open with two character introductions – Will Smith’s character Dead Shot and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. Now we’re not introduced to anyone else and there is no plot reason to open with this. None whatsoever. Only to the fact they are one of the biggest cast hits.

The lines delivered about Harley are over sexualised and I get that she is a sexualised character even in the comics but seriously?? LICKING UP A POLE? NO!

Will Smith is basically the whole star in my rating. His acting performance was fantastic and had it not been for him the whole thing would have been…well what’s worse than rock bottom? His background was the only one I really sympathised with and the only one done well. His acting, his character’s decisions – all good.

I was annoyed at how little Batman actually showed up in the film – it’s in a flashback and in the trailer we are seemingly sold that Batman is in more of the film than that.

There is no real plot to tell you here – it was basically the ‘squad’ being introduced and built up for another film. The threat seemed menial and I wasn’t really feeling the importance of the Enchantress. Also June was weak in the arms of her man – what a weepy woman.

I was annoyed that the film was built on flashbacks and that a lot of the writing seemed awkward. The lines didn’t flow well, the comedy was forced and all the gags were in the trailer which had been shown so many times that well… they weren’t funny anymore.

Jared Leto as the Joker – now that was done to an okay/good level. He was the only one to go to the near level that Will Smith went to. I know he was method acting from the word go – which you can see his efforts from what he brings to the Joker. The only thing I can say about him is that he wasn’t as playful as I imagined the Joker to be – it was all focused purely on Harley and he never seemed to have as much real fun as Heath’s take on it was or in the comics. To be honest though, he didn’t have that may scenes either.

I got annoyed by Captain Boomerang and the pink unicorns. I am sorry Jai Courtney.

Compared to the other superhero films I have seen, this one is the weakest – for ensemble of characters, for structure, for CGI (omg the security footage for Diablo – it was awful – surely they could of done better layering than that?!!!), and for not even coming close the hype it exhausted us all on for months and months. In my opinion Dawn of Justice was so so much better, in acting and in character intro. Hopefully Wonder Woman will be the DC film that shows them all up.

Oh I will end on one good note though, the cameo of the Flash was 100% a joy to see – so that was good! 😉 I am not saying ‘Don’t go see it’. Please do. I just can’t believe they got away with airing that.

Stay tuned for a review on ‘Nerve’ and a Book Wishlist (Plus my review of ACOMAF)

See you soon guys!

Em x

3 thoughts on “Why Suicide Squad is the worst superhero film I have ever seen.

  1. booksvertigoandtea says:

    I have read so many mixed reviews. All claim that Will Smith was fantastic, so I am safely betting he played his part well. Many lead me to believe the acting was there, but that the story was seriously lacking. I think I will play it safe and wait for DVD unless my partner convinces me otherwise. Nice review 😊


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