The Invasion of the Tearling Book Review

The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #2)The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So this has been on my goodreads TBR since the beginning of July but other books seemed to get in the way (Oops!) So I was extremely excited when I sat down with it today and read it in one entire sitting.

Now, by the title you would expect that what happens, occurs early on? Right? Ha no, you have to wait 400 pages in for any invasion.

I enjoyed all of our time in the Tearling, it was just like before, gilded, bleak but majestic and I love the world Johansen creates. I didn’t like how much time we spent in the (this is weird way to describe it but here goes) the modern past? I didn’t like the jarring sequence of fast cars, guns or pills. It was too much considering the world we were in. It felt the same in the first book where the books she owned were from the real world. It’s not a clash I really enjoy, it withdraws me from the main world too much. Having said that, I was pleased when we started seeing WHY we focused so much in the past, we led onto the present day by the end of the book and that pleased me greatly – so now I’ve finished the book I am glad the past proved worth it (I just wish it wasn’t so recognisable to our own reality)
Character wise, Kelsea has grown into a harsh, cold woman of 19 and bravo to Erika’s writing you can really see her change. You can feel she is getting colder and slightly more worn between the lines – I see some reason for it but her hormonal change is slightly too much – she seems like the Red Queen right at the beginning of the first book.
The Mace seems to relax and I like the fact we go through his weakness more. Pen is by far my favourite and I enjoy seeing him and Kelsea together. I didn’t realise I’d been rooting for them until it happened and it pulled at my heartstrings (ehgh baby!)
I was pleased we found the crown (I mean that was a big part of the last book with the fact it hadn’t been found and the fact that the CHURCH HAD IT? Great revelation, I am looking forward to Kelsea being united with it when she gets back to the Tearling.

I am pleased with the Red Queen’s build on character and her depth – it gave her more being so to speak.

Overall I loved the parts of the book in the Tearling and New London – I love Pen way too much and Kelsea in her more vulnerable moments. I would have giving this a four or five had we not had so much time in the past with Lily. Not saying the story was bad, I mean it was tense, Jonathon was lovely and a knight in shining armour- but I would have liked it as a separate story line altogether and not part of the same book as the other.
Still let us hope and pray it concludes with might, fire and magic, as our Tearling Queen rules her kingdom! (With Pen <3) WE SHALL SEE DECEMBER FIRST!

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