Biannual Readathon Result

Hey guys!

So as you probably know from the reviews I didn’t do too well in the Bibliothon. Nah ah. I read 3.5 books which compared to the challenges didn’t cut it –

I didn’t want to double up, but if I did, I would of completed:

Reading the group book (Unexpected Everything)

Reading something by a new author (Heartsong)

Reading a book I had been putting off (The Marvels)

Reading a book in a different format (The Marvels)

Wild Card (Heartsong)

Even though those weren’t the books I had been setting out for those challenges, those were the ones I could of completed. Though I didn’t want to double up – I wanted to finish 7 books!

Though nearly 4 books down (not long to go on Truthwitch) isn’t bad considering I fit in 5 days of work which is 40 odd hours, a migraine, exercise, cooking, swimming, socialising as well as getting slightly too addicted to The Walking Dead…. oops – I can’t help it, Daryl is beyooooonnd scrumptious. I’d jump on the back of his motorbike any day and ride off into the sunset… *daydreams

Right so, that disappointing news over with I am still pleased I finished what I did in the time I had, if I hadn’t had a job I am more than sure finishing those books wouldn’t of been such a problem for me.

You may be thinking, how does this effect your TBR? Well it hopefully won’t. I’ll crack on, full steam ahead and hopefully finish a good chunk of words by the end of July

Let me know how your readathons went! I bet you did awesome!

(Disclaimer: I am totally NOT saying 3.5 books is bad, if you did that and you’re happy HECK THAT’S GREAT! I am just bummed at my own personal loss 😦 )

Happy Reading,

Em x

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