The Unexpected Everything Book Review

The Unexpected EverythingThe Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So this was my first book to finish of the Binannual Bibliothon – it was one of the longer books so I am pleased it’s finished now. I won’t babble on, I’ll let you get to the review 😉 –  I thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary summer read – the characters were easy to love and get to know with Matson’s easy, flowy writing style. The story follows a young girl and her dad who is a politician. There’s a scandal and lo and behold this has an effect on Andie’s entire summer. So as she’s not off on her internship programme, she has the summer to find something to do. She becomes a dog walker and the description of dogs here was great and full of character. I volunteer with dogs myself so this was easy to relate to and picture.
The story itself was great, I really enjoyed the romance elements – it was a good rom-com to fill the gap as I have steered clear of them for a while. I unexpectedly (heh, gettit?) enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Read it for the feel of summer, the taste of Diet Coke, the heat of your car when it’s been sitting outside too long, the feeling of adventure when you stay out in the summer nights when it’s hot but cool enjoying scavenger hunts where fireflies roam free and the stars shine down on you. Read it to capture meeting someone you never thought could be someone you love, clearing up dog sick and going on bad first dates. For fixing family bonds and learning what it means to be a friend and a daughter and finding yourself in that. Touching in many places (especially pages 447-8, and the Mustang scene) and I loved the emoticon texts – it would be a challenge and a half to write like that all the time. 😉 It fits great as a summer read, super pleased I picked it up and that it was a must for the readathon.

Read the chosen book of the challenge ‘The Unexpected Everything’? CHECK.

Now onto the next challenges (It may seem like I am running behind but I am not losing faith, I can do this!)

Let me know how your challenges are going – or if you’re not participating if you like Morgan Matson’s the Unexpected Everything?

See you soon!

Em x

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