Six of Crows Book Review

Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why did this take me so long to read?? Why did I keep putting this book off??? This book is FANTASTIC. One of the best fantasy novels I have ever EVER read- the characters were addictive, and you felt for all of them. Hearing all of their backstories, their different personalities and how each of them dealt with situations was craftily done- super job Leigh!
Nina and Inej are feisty girls, who can stand on their own without men always helping them – I really approved of this!!
Kaz was a grumpy soul but I like how we see the vulnerability and his character develop as the plot unfolds.
Jesper was slight comic relief but a bad ass and boy he came right up to being my second favourite character (behind Inej of course, she’s one of my favourite fems now of all time)
Wylan & Matthias – both completely different but their character development was beautiful and written so well, I just love how all 6 of these characters have made such a place in my heart!
When I finished this book it was like coming up for air after swimming/half drowning in an ice cold sea – the cliffhanger I am left on is one of the best set ups from first novels I have experienced this year- September cannot come quick enough!!!
The description was extremely detailed, I can picture Ketterdem nicely and the juxtaposition of the Ice Court – the way the plot was played was tense as was the dialogue between the main six. I was worried for them all at multiple times during this novel – my heart was pounding!

I won’t mention names in this part as I don’t want to spoil it but I have 3 MAJOR OTPS now from this book The aesthetic of this book was detailed, the small crows on the chapters ergh the wings under their names on the heading – yes please give me everything!
Even though I commented at the beginning that maybe I should of read the Shadow and Bone series first, I couldn’t of been more wrong, once I properly got into it, things were explained and I caught on quickly. This novel is definitely a re-reader and I am so pumped for the end to this duo-logy.

No mourners.

No funerals.

NOW TURN AWAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS ON MY OTP’S 😉 – Next to come my  JULY TBR! Happy reading, and  read this book guys!!!

Em x

Kaz and Inej – OHHHHHh my aching heart, both of them have too much pride to properly say what they want from each other but you know their bond is there. I love them. I love Kaz, I love Inej- everything about them together fits.

Matthias and Nina – Hmmm – hot damn. You didn’t know if they were hot or cold for each other but there were flying sparks between them of hate and of love all through this. Nomonomonom yes please.

Wylan and Jesper- I couldn’t contain my excitement – I mean YES a possible gay couple?? I CAN SEE THEIR ATTRACTION SO PLAINLY, I WISH THEY WOULD DAMN WELL SAY IT. I guess she is leaving it for their second book but ergghhh I want it NOOOWWWWWWW.


Em x

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8 thoughts on “Six of Crows Book Review

    • WedgesofLemon says:

      It really is, it gobsmacked me how much I loved it. It filled me with strange happiness as well? Like I couldn’t believe how good the experience had been reading it! (Even though the cliffhanger is a biter indeed!)

      Liked by 1 person

      • shelfiepodcast says:

        I just love Kaz. An not in a book boyfriend kind of way. More in a “wow. you’re an awesome character” way. 😀 There were other awesome things too. It was really just great. I like the Grisha Trilogy, but Six of Crows was better.

        Liked by 1 person

      • WedgesofLemon says:

        I’m just starting the Grisha Trilogy (I’m going backwards I know) I have heard it’s not as good, and to be honest Six of Crows was superb so it will take A LOT anyway. Kaz is super, he is so badass with charisma and pure uumph of the page! Totally see what you mean!

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  1. AdoptaBookAUS says:

    So glad you read this! It’s so so good, one of my favorites XD Have you seen the cover release for Crooked kingdoms it’s so beautiful and has red staning pages! I can’t believe there are only 2 books in the series I need more of these wonderful characters 🙂

    And your ships are spot on! I ship them all as well but especially Wyper/Jeslan (what ever there ship name is) ahaha


    • WedgesofLemon says:

      I have!!! I am so excited for it – they are releasing a special box-set of both, hardbacks and their stained edges too – they look beautiful!! I actually can’t remember enjoying a book so much fantasy wise for such a long time!! I wish she was doing more, and hey she may do spin offs for the characters- depending what she does to them in the next book I suppose! Eergh I know, they are all stuffed into my heart and I cherish them – Jeslan were so so cute! I am excited to see where she takes them in the next book, I feel they had less time than the others so she should give them a few chapters at least 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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