Pale Highway Book Review

Pale HighwayPale Highway by Nicholas Conley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When this book opened, I had such high hopes – the first chapter was dark, gritty and really heavy. I mean the subject matter is so tragic and real that it really came across from the first few pages.
The next free chapters were past events of his life, as a father, a teen meeting his future ex wife Yvonne (all characters are written really well)

We meet Gabriel, a Nobel Prize Winner who invented the vaccine for aids – which is now used widely over the world and given to every patient in the home (except for him) He’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and he’s upset with his life and wants to forget who he used to be because he isn’t like that anymore.

Now up to this point it’s all going well – the characters are interesting, and the plot is written really really well – for a sci-fi/realistic event like this is a really clever duo.

Then the slug talks. And I know you’re supposed to be in a frame of mind of not knowing what is true and what is (Due to his disease) but this threw it all off balance for me. And I know he gives him a prophecy etcetc but still it was a little too much for me. I persevered and I enjoyed the twist and turns we went on – and please read it – I wouldn’t normally pick this up but it was very surprising and the characters are so well written (I cannot stress enough)

Another thing for me as well was the platform I was reading it from- I received my copy in a PDF format and I’m not really a fan of reading off the computer so this was a trial for me to do so. (I’m old fashioned and love a physical copy of a book – hmmm the smell!) So that was one of my reasons it took my longer to finish it.

Pick this up for something different, poignant and it is imaginative – I can see every angle- Read this to really feel like you’re in the mind of someone who bit by bit is losing himself while trying to do something amazing.

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