The Guest Cat – Book Review

The Guest CatThe Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Picking up this little book while in Cambridge last year was a poignant affair and one which after seeing this many times was strangely unforgettable in all of my book purchases. The cover is exquisitely simple, the cat peeping over at the bottom, it’s eyes and the title glinting the same colour green on a parchment like background. It was the eyes that first drew me to this charming little book, of only 140 pages long, and then so did the story. A couple, their life and how one small little being changed it all. Takashi’s description is like no other authors, he takes his time, a whole chapter is dedicated to a window and how light shines through it and how it’s like a camera lens. If this had been any other book I might have been a bit confused but this neither shocked me or made me want to stop reading. It was beautiful by design, description and plot. It moved me to silent tears, not many but the emotion it left and the thoughts it’s provoked were nothing short of profound. I loved this little book, this little mystery – it may not be the biggest romance, or adventure or thriller but it held a beautiful story, and one I will revisit and revisit – always remembering that little, and full of character guest cat, Chibi.

Here is my actual copy, seeing as Goodreads didn’t have the right cover – look how beautiful it is:


It really is a rare treasure, please read it!

See you soon!

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