The Queen of the Tearling Book Review

The Queen of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #1)The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From start to finish I did feel this book was an adventure a whirlwind of one. The beginning was briefly opened by a mystery, a page or two that had questions being asked with answers coming near the end of the book. We venture on the road with Kelsea, our heroine and her Queen’s Guard – I enjoy adventure books that move you across plains and lands and this book certainly did that – especially with our run in with The Fetch (hmmmmmmmm)
You can really feel her teenage years waning from her as the books goes on, she ages in front of you even though really little time goes by. Her voice is punchy, resilient, and childlike but you do get to sympathise and like her. The Mace & Pen were my favourite sideline characters, both well rounded and well written they had life on the page which with a book heavy on characters such as this is hard. I didn’t feel much for the Red Queen expect disgust, but you could see her point of view which like G R R Martin – he greys the characters, neither are fully good or fully bad.

Javel did his character justice in the end, and I am pleased there are multiple antagonists (Such as Thorne, The Regent etc)

I very much liked this book, however, I found not all the characters were given the same amount of time, things were basically dropped in and then not picked up again (obviously something to lead on into The Invasion of the Tearling sequel but if we view this as just one book it was slightly frustrating) You do feel you’re pulled this way and that especially as in the same chapter you are pulled to a different characters point of view multiple times.
I didn’t like the modern day book references, Rowling, LOTRs and the Hobbit do not belong here – it distracted too much from the world building she was doing- it really didn’t fit. (In my opinion)

Do read this book if you love fantasy because the journey you go on is fierce and rewarding. Do read it if you love strong female characters – there’s a good few in here! Read it because you love new worlds, and believe in doing the right thing- as well as the wrong for the right reasons. I will certainly be reading the sequel.

Check back soon for more reviews and my huge book haul coming soon!

Em x

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